What Is A Line Manager? - Clinical Research Industry

While working in a company, people work on a project as a team for most of the time especially in clinical research industry and there is authority or head of that team called as their line manager.

Duties of line manager:-

This line managers is the person who lead his team by staying at their shoulders, making sure that they are fulfilling all the obligations required from their role and mentoring them at every single point. Project team has to report to their line manager for every progress and in case of any error. Good line managers always protect their team, stand beside them and fight for them in case of any random situation. They work as a liaison between the company and his team.

Line manager is the person who can help his team member to tackle any situation whether they are having trouble with other mangers and can help negotiate the conflict.

Help with promotions:-

Most important part associated with the line managers is that they are the actual personalities who can play a huge role in promotions of their employees that can be within the company for any higher position and in making transition to other companies. They help their employee in their career paths toward success.


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