What Is An Oversight CRA?

CRAs are responsible for visiting sites, monitoring data, interacting with study coordinators and project investigators, IP accountability and for collecting all the essential documents. Oversights CRAs are slightly different from normal CRA and have completely different job that is to oversee the CRAs as they are performing their tasks in well manners. Oversight CRAs are hired by the sponsors and they work directly for the sponsors.

Why sponsors hire oversight CRA?

Oversight CRAs are responsible for overseeing up to ten CRAs. When sponsors are not able to monitor CRAs and they find that CRA are not meeting the quality agreements and FDA finds failure in the study due to some bad data. They hire an oversight CRA. This can be costly for the sponsor and in order to avoid that failures and extra cost they hire oversight CRAs that is a lot cheaper for them than the cost cause by the rejections from FDA. CRAs work more efficiently when they know that someone is monitoring their work.

Oversight CRAs are well experienced in term of monitoring and expert in regulatory and quality assurance and they are highly capable of creating corrective action plan.

Oversight CRA is also a good position with high perks and benefits and he is also highly paid. You can apply for this position after having some years of experience in CRA position.



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