What is happening in the life sciences industry

Professionals of the healthcare industry have the responsibilities to look after the foundations and daily events in life science industry. IQVIA serves over 6000 life science companies on daily basis in clinical trial businesses, data businesses, analytics, technology, and real-world evidence. This provides them 360 view of the industry and they know everything happening within healthcare industry.

In the coming days, everyone will talk about innovation, change, technology and all of the advances. This arises the question of what is this innovation is going to do with the economics of the industry and what has it done in the past years.

There are a number of metrics in economic perspective of productivity as the CEO of the top pharma company measure on their earnings per share growth, shareholder return, return on capital employed and benchmarking against the peer group.

It’s the job of the general manager of life science companies to ensure bringing medicines to market in the quickest way, with most appropriate way and at the lowest cost. This is done in order to maximize the economic return and providing medicines to patients more quickly.


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