What Is It like Being Sponsor / Client Facing - Clinical Research

In every project, sponsors are the one who pay for it that’s why they hold everything related to that project in their controls and they can make changes according to their will as it please them and no one can refuse their desire and it’s the duty for everyone working in their premises have to obey them without and objection.

Differences in clinical sides:-

There are difference in project management side of things and clinical operation side. These also differ in their roles as clinical operation side involves clinical trials assistant, in-house CRA, lead CRA and clinical trial manager. While project management side involves project coordinators, specialists, project management assistant, associates and directors and all the way up the chain. Both these sides also differ with their mindset of working.

·        With the difference in their roles, they also differ with their responsibilities.

People on the clinical operation side work with the sites and have nothing to deal with the sponsors. They have to manage their sites, keeping them in line, making sure they are performing their work in their timelines and with efficiencies.

On clinical management side, people deal with sponsors where it’s the sponsor who make decisions and give instructions.

Working with the sponsor is interesting where all the communication with the sponsor needs to be double checked carefully in order to remove all errors and its necessary to make sure that everything is working perfectly. This involves much stress because CROs don’t want to lose their clients by making mistakes and errors, they make sure of their timelines, protocols and accuracies.


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