What Is It Like Working For The Sponsor?

Working for the sponsor is an excellent experience because sponsors are the actual investors for the studies. CROs and sponsors make contracts and CRO run studies and trials for the sponsors and CRAs represents the sponsor studies. CROs get contracts from sponsors because they have all the in-house manpower to perform monitoring, site management and all the responsibilities to conduct studies that sponsors lack.

Working for CRO:

Working for the CROs involves a lot of work protocols where you have to take permissions for everything from CROs, directing all the mails to them and to the CRO team and then relay them to the sites. There happen to be a lot of meetings in order to reach out to the sponsor and also to acknowledge their decisions.

Working for sponsor:

Some sponsors do not require CROs to run their studies because they have their own in-house manpower and all the staff to conduct their studies. They have three CRA for their studies out of which one perform travelling tasks for monitoring sites and sites are in direct contact with him. Rests of the two perform documentations and internal affairs. Working directly for them is helpful in various ways as given below:

  1. To stay close and working directly for on the studies.
  2. Gives better understanding of all the aspects of protocol development.
  3. Experience of working with the engineer creating medical devices used in studies.
  4. Experience of working with the principle scientists.
  5. All the CRAs and study team are in-house and they are easily accessible.



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