What is needed to get into Clinical Research?

Getting into this field requires a lot of dedication, follow up and will take a lot of sweat and tears. Having a fancy degree can’t help you in this field unless you have any experience and you are able to make any value and impact.


Having any college degree in any field, will definitely help you in getting into clinical research field because the only thing they care about is that you know about your job.


Having no college degree, the only thing that will help you to get into this field is your experience in any clinical research related field. Like working in a lab, bench research, any experience in pharmaceutical, manufacturing experience, working in a CRO industry, business or sales experience and any field experience will help through all the process and you may get attached to clinical research industry and you can change your place in future after having any further experiences.


A lot of meetings occur in clinical research, so having any experience in meeting minutes and tracking of what is talked about in meetings, will help to get in this field.

Writing excel spreadsheets, writing emails using Microsoft outlook will help throughout the career in clinical research field.Recruiters will also see your both verbal and writing communication skills, confidence and how you respond to things.Having any experience with GCP IC H guidelines.

Ability to talk multiple languages will have a huge positive impact.


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