What is Orchestrated Customer Engagement

Orchestrator customer engagement is effectively a step change in the healthcare commercial model that helps to address the challenges in the current market as:-

1.   The increased stakeholder complexity.

2.   The increased availability of channels for engagement.

3.   The increased need for multiple functions from pharmaceutical clients engaging with stakeholders.

4.   Need for consistency in the delivered message.

These are the fundamentals to ensure the generation of trust with engaging stakeholders.

Pharmaceutical companies in the present world use multiple channels which can be both field-based as MSLs, access managers, rep as well as non-field based like call centers or websites that also have their own challenges.

The challenges are:-

1.   How to break the silos?

2.   How to derive insights from the interactions?

3.   How to exchange those ideas?

How to create the perfect customer experience based on these information gained through breaking silos, deriving insights and exchange of ideas?


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