What is The Best Perk of Being a CRA / is it hard?

The responsibilities of a CRA can be both tough and enjoyable at the same times but it depends upon the study he is working on. This also depends on sponsors, company, and numbers of visits and amount of data to be captured in the study, type of monitoring and on site.

CRA vs Site:-

Site can make the CRA’s job easier by helping him with work and reducing his time to spend on site for doing unnecessary things. Sites can create issues like having inexperienced physicians who are not well versed of the research protocols can make CRA’s job difficult. They have to deal with sites, sponsors and in-house work.

Impossible to become CRA without experience:-

It’s impossible for people to directly become a CRA without any experienced because they have a lot of responsibilities. They have to deal with regulations, documentations, SOPs and company and sponsors. These things are difficult for anyone to learn without having CRO space experience.

Ø It is necessary to gain clinical research related knowledge and all that required experience to become a CRA.

Changing situations:-

CRA have to stay aware of their industry as its regulations always keep changing and they learn new every day. Sometimes they have to perform monitoring tasks for their co-worker when having too many patients in order to work like a team, they divide work.

Not an easy job:-

CRA job is not easy especially when people are new to the clinical research industry and have no experience of CRO culture and research work. With the passage of time, they gain experience and things become easier as they get used to it.

Best perks of being CRA:-

Best perks for being CRA is the flexibility they get. They can set their own schedules, can work from home and office depending upon the company.


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