What Is the Role of a Project Manager Assistant?

1.    Meeting minutes:

In meeting minutes, project manager assistant has to gather all the information and discussion on a single document that took place in a meeting and according to the desire of the project manager. It can be an internal meeting, external meeting, and investigative meetings. Project manager assistant has to attend these meetings and can get missing information from the people who were involved in that meeting.

2.    Provide access:

Its project manager assistant’s duty to provide access to all the data and trial master files related to clinical trials to the CRAs that will be given to the clinical site management for further process. Clinical manager assistant is responsible to welcome new clinical teams and also have to send them all the training protocols through emails.

3.    TMF reconciliation:

All the data related to the clinical trial and everything that took place within a trial are to be mentioned in trial master files. Project manager assistant is responsible for these documents as they contain all the necessary information with complete details and are properly arranged in a quality format.

4.    Prepare study binders:

It is also included in the project manager assistant’s duties to prepare all the study binders and to make sure that it contains all the necessary files and information required at the site for trials. He has to print those study binders and to send them before site initiation visit.

5.    Diversified tasks:

Project manager assistant can be responsible for many functions as vendor management, meeting minutes, for trial master file management and for emailing side of things. These tasks are required everywhere in the clinical industry and are good to start your career in the clinical sector.



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