What is the significance of the “Platform of Platforms” strategy?

Platform and platform strategy is all about taking the best-in-class platforms that are available in the industry and leveraging them to build our applications on top. These platforms are essentially the standards that are very common components in client’s organizations and are actually part of most of client’s technology and ecosystems. Instead of maintaining the platform, organizations should write and work on the platform itself and focus on developing the application and delivering value to their clients.

Well resonating:

The concept of a platform of platforms is really resonating with clients as many of them stay on a journey and can take a look at their architectural approach and really this concept is resonating well for taking the Best of Breed.

Assembly of capabilities:

Platform of platform is the assembly of various capabilities that exist currently in the market as these standards are responsible for different type of capabilities such as content management, business intelligence and other operational applications. The formation of platform of platforms enables to build a supply chain or draws upon a supply chain that allows customers to bring together a unique set of capabilities into one synchronous orchestrated way of capabilities to address their commercial needs.


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