What It Feels Like To Quit Your Clinical Research Job

There are different sensations and nuances that go along while quitting a job. Quitting jobs in order to get another job is also necessary to get more promotions, highs pays and benefits and to achieve the career goals.

Before leaving strategies:

Before quitting the job, employees have to put on a two week notice where they talk to their managers about quitting the job and for their further plans. They do not let their coworker know about their plans in order to avoid any disturbance which can lead him to get fired on the spot.

Reactions of co-workers:

Some of the things that people don’t expect while quitting their job is the reaction of their coworkers in that company. Coworker in a company can be competitive and playing politics to snatch someone’s righteous bonuses and promotions.

Some people feel happy for their colleagues to leave for better opportunity and benefits but most of them feel sad, low and difficult as facing their coworkers during the duration of two week notice, knowing that they are about to leave their friends. They avoid going to office and have conversation with their friends at office.

Some people get mad at their colleagues due to a competitive behavior and secret jealousy by knowing that they are going for a bigger position.



Before leaving, people perform with the best of their abilities and perform their works efficiently in order to leave the company with good reputation and respect.

People can also slack off at the moment before joining another company because that work means nothing to them anymore.

Easy transition:

It’s easy to make transition for those who do not have any personal connection with their coworkers, friends and colleagues especially for remote workers as CRAs and these people are always able to make a jump from one company to another that is also healthy for their career.

Transition is also easier when employees don’t have healthy and smooth relationship with their managers and colleagues at their company.


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