What makes a good clinical research coordinator?

1.     Multiple protocols:

A coordinator should potentially be able to manage multiple protocols at the same time. These protocols can be scheduling, subject visits and data entry. Coordinators are needed to be precise and attentive to ensure that all the trials performed are quality trials.

2.     Effective communication:

Throughout the course of a trial, a coordinator is required to communicate with a variety of people according to different subjects, and the researchers of the trial, auditors and all the staff involved in a trial. In order to carry out the studies according to the protocol, coordinators are required to communicate effectively with all staff involved in this study.

3.     Flexibility:

The duties of a research coordinator are full of variations and can be different from every past day. One day, coordinator maybe be consenting with the patients all day in clinic and the next day job is data entry and answering to different questions in an effective way.

These are some fundamental aspects for being a good clinical research coordinator. A good coordinator shows flexibility and effective communication.


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