What Questions Are Asked During a Clinical Research Interview?

·      Recruiter can ask that how you respond to things and how you come up with any unknown situation.

·      They want to know that how you will act in a situation when you are not able to complete your task within your deadline.

·      They want to know what will be your response to a rude person on phone.

·      They will judge your behavior with people who do not respond to your calls and emails.

You should have a story or an example when you were successful in a difficult situation to let them know how you deal with things and you are passionate. You can put these examples in answer to recruiter’s questions but in depends what type of question they ask.

·      They will ask you the question according to the position you are applying for.

·      They want to know that how positive this person is.

·      They will ask about your past experiences and if you have worked somewhere before.

You should be able to tell them about your past job experiences and to relate them to clinical research that how these recent experiences can be helpful for you in this industry in future.

Most of the questions asked by the recruiter are behavioral, depending upon your ethics and manners.


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