What Should I Do With Data Manager and TMF Experience?

People having data management experience and are recently working as TMF specialist can move back to data management side if they want to change their position. They can also apply for the higher position as senior TMF person and in-house CRA.

In-house CRA:

In-house CRA is also a good career path if someone wants to go for the clinical research works in clinical industry. Having data management experience can be helpful to become an in-house CRA because he has experience of dealing with queries and their resolutions.

Senior TMF person:

Senior TMF person is responsible for the overall TMF and to make sure that TMF is ready for the inspection. Senior TMF person works directly with the project manager.


A TMF person can become self-employed and can work on contracts. He can also work with CRAs on sites for consulting TMF.

Progression to VP:

Choosing project management path after having experience in data management and TMF specialist, can be a best option and can provide a great boost to your career. This can further lead your career progression to project manager then to director and can be a vice president (VP) of the department.

  • These are some of the best options that a person can choose when he is experienced in data management and TMF specialist.



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