What to Do When a Recruiter Calls For a Bad Job

People apply for the opportunities in the companies by sending their resumes to the recruiters. Sometimes recruiters do not hire them for the applied opportunity and tell the applicant that later they will let him know for any other suitable position depending upon his resume.

Recruiters reach out to the applicants and offer them with a bad position with very little money that is not suitable for the applicant. For such situations where the applicant is much over-qualified for that position, he should deal with that situation in a valuable manner. Put value into that offering through ways as given below:-

Always respond:-

A person should always respond to the recruiter’s call to let them know about his interest and skills. This will help him in future when recruiters are recruiting for a position of his interest and they can directly pick him up. His response to the call make the recruiter realizes that he is a serious candidate.

Ø In order to get the recruiters out of the situation, applicant should ask questions from the recruiter. These questions can include:-

1.   How did they find you?

By getting the answer to this question, applicant will know the ways through which the recruiters can find him. This can be LinkedIn profile or because of any keyword he added into his resume. He can make improvement in those means to find more opportunities and to help more recruiters reach him.

2.   What are the skills they are looking for?

This question will help him to understand the skills that recruiters require the most when hiring people for a specific position. He can make improvements in those skills and capabilities to create more chances for him to get a job and better opportunity ion CRO space.

3.   Can they connect on LinkedIn?

In order to develop a network with the recruiters and to keep the conversation open, ask them for their email or linked in account to connect with them. This will help to find future opportunities by developing relationship with him as he can help in making career progressions and promotions in the company.

These are the ways to deal with recruiters in a valuable manner when he is offering an unsuitable position.


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