What to Expect During a Recruiter Screen

In order to apply for an opportunity, applicants send their resumes to the recruiters who select the application of a deserving applicant depending upon his experience and qualification according to the position he has applied for. After the selection of a resume, applicant is called for the interview but first he has to face recruiter screen that can be a thirty minute conversation with the recruiter. In this conversation, the recruiters ask few questions and tell the applicant about the role.  The purpose of recruiter screen is to weed out the candidate and narrow down their candidate pool. This can also be a phone conversation.

Questioning at recruiter’s screen:

Kind of questions that can be asked by the recruiters from candidates are given as below:-

·        Why are you interested in this role?

·        Why are you interested in this company?

·        Why are you applying for this role?

·        What are your plans for leaving the previous company?

·        What are your past experiences?

These are some of the most basic questions that can be asked by the recruiters. Purpose of these questions is to see if the candidate is a good fit for the role.


In rest of the time, the recruiters guide the candidate about the position, its responsibilities and this provides an excellent opportunity to the candidate to make some queries to clear out his confusions about the role and the company.


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