What Will the OCE Adoption Journey Look Like?

The adoption path for OCE for the pharmaceutical companies is to understand their business problems and once it’s done and they are ready for orchestration, here comes three steps companies need to take:-

  1. Companies should start from their data first.
  2. Secondly, looking at their existing business systems in order to understand the point to start their orchestration path.
  3. Lastly where do they want to launch it in the market?

Once the foundational elements for OCE are in place, more companies will be willing to perform experiment with OCE and taking steps toward the overall vision. These experiments can be in therapeutic area and particular launch that are critical, competitively challenging and the environment that necessitates the orchestration around the customer. These are the sectors where pharmaceutical industries can explore it before learning from success and deploying them broadly.

Thinking about the stages of adoption as the companies learn about orchestration and what works for the customers and gives the best result, they become able to differentially allocate limited resources and adjust strategies. This helps to begin the system with information and then it feed itself to become smarter and enhance strategy leveraging companies to create a loop at the end of the adoption where they can execute strategy and can inform for what is working and getting stronger. These fulfill the mission of bringing right information to healthcare providers so they can deliver the best care for patients.


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