Whats The Deal With The Lunch Break In Clinical Research?

It is officially authorized by the government for the companies to give a lunch break to their employees so they can have their meal and can take rest and will be able to perform well in rest of the hours.


In this era of corporate world, every company has its own culture as their employees are instructed to work and eat at the same time during lunch break. On the contrary, culture in many companies is flexible enough as they allow their employees to do anything that pleases them and they can leave their desk, can go out of the office and can come back within their break time but they also have to stay within their protocols. Protocols for lunch break are different in any company where people should adjust according to their surroundings and can take longer lunch break if their colleagues are doing the same.

Utilization and network:

People can utilize their break time in doing their tasks, to perform pending responsibilities and can fulfill their domestic needs. Best utilization of lunch break is to network with colleagues, recruiter and people in the cafeteria having their lunch and having tea. Lunch time can be utilized to respond to monitoring calls from site and approving documents for the study.



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