When Should Coworkers Know about New Internal Job? - Clinical Research

Accepting new job includes a long process as applying for the job position firstly, interview with internal recruiter of the company and then talking to the hiring managers. There can be various steps as presentations, putting together talks and making business plans.

There are a lot of pros and cons of letting people know about you that you are applying for a position. There are situations to be kept in mind as follows:

·        If you don’t get the position you were applying for, it will be a bad feeling and people will judge you.

·        Don’t let the people know until you get the position when you are unsure about the people around you.

·        Don’t let people know from your clothings and suits by changing on time, that you are having an interview.

Ø Letting the people know that you are applying for a position, can bring many barriers and difficulties in the ways whether they were your close friends or not. They can stab in the back and can play politics especially when they are heading in the same direction.

Ø There can be many people applying for the position and keeping it a secret as you but there is only who is going to be selected for the position. So, don’t make someone feel sorry and continue a good relationship because these the people whether they are at higher position or at lower, they provide most of the help in getting promotions and moving ahead in your career.

Ø After getting the position, it’s time to tell people because they will ultimately know when you will change your role and department.

Managing all these scenarios in a proper and wisely manner help to keep the network and relationship healthy with your colleagues. These networks are of huge worth because people can also proceed up to huge ranks in future and having a bond with them is beneficial.


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