When They Renege On Your Bonus/ Promotion in Clinical Trials

Employees in any company are promised to be awarded with yearly promotions, increments and bonuses but companies do have their own agenda’s. Companies pull back the benefits of their employees by making reasons as they have sudden losses and the employees are making blunders and all of these revoked benefits go into the company’s revenue.

Companies also renege their employee’s benefits and yearly promotions by making excuses for any system failure and ask their employees to wait for six months which causes the employees the loss of huge amount of money.

When companies are trying to run from their employee’s benefits without any error, employees should take steps as follows:

Mobility as leverage:

Mobility is the best leverage for the employees that they can use in situations when they are not getting promotions and yearly increments from their company. They can jump from one company to another where they provide more money and privileges.

Giving company the resignations letter also works as fruitful for getting promotions earlier because they find it more suitable to pay promotions as compared to hire new person on that position where they have to pay more salary and other expenses before recruitment in order to complete the hiring procedure.

Turnover issues:

New employee also has to go through the training programs and through all the SOPs for running trials because he knew nothing about that site, study and protocols for that study. These turnovers slow down the studies that went costly for the sponsors.


Employees should make efforts for their increments and promotions because they earned it and they should do certain things as moving to another CRO that will enforce the company to manage their employee’s benefits.


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