When They Respond To Your Thank You Emails

In the clinical research industry, recruitment and hiring of the new employees starts with the advertisement of job opportunities on the company websites and on other several websites as LinkedIn.com. Opportunity seekers should keep a constant look on daily basis on these websites. They send their resumes to the recruiters depending upon the announced position and recruiters select their resumes on the basis of their qualifications and experiences and select them for the interview.

Give a grateful impression:-

The interview between the applicant and recruiter or hiring managers last for almost ten to twenty minutes and then they leave with an argument that they will be reached later. Here comes the situation and opportunity where the applicant should give an impressive impression by sending a thank you email to the hiring managers for calling him for the interview.


Sending a thank you email to the recruiters is helpful and it let the applicant know that how the hiring managers think about them by their response to the thank you message. This act is beneficent as when two applicants have the same image in front of the recruiter but one of them sends the thank you email will definitely get the position because he is making extra effort and interaction with the recruiter.

Getting a response to the thank you email is a positive sign because the recruiters only respond when they are having an interest in the applicant regarding to the job opportunity.


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