Who Really Should Be Taking The Meeting Minutes? - Clinical Trials

Meeting minutes are one of the most frustrating and tough jobs in clinical research. It includes all the information regarding to the discussions being made during the meetings. People who are very familiar with the project as project managers, project coordinators and people having a lot of experience for clinical studies should take the meeting minutes instead of a new employee.

Inexperienced individuals in clinical research industry cannot take the meeting minutes properly and accurately because they have no experience of CRO space and zero understanding of how the clinical research works.

Entry level task:-

Most of the companies assign entry level employees for taking meeting minutes thinking of it as entry level task because people at higher positions are meant to perform higher tasks. The experience people can perform this task more accurately that makes the meeting minutes so much easier for the project managers to see the meeting minutes.

Good practice:-

Doing meeting minutes is good for the people with no experience because it help them to understand the terminology of the research work, about the project and how to put all the necessary information on the paper.



Best way to learn:-

Attending kick-off meetings and high-level meeting of the overview of project discussing macro-perspectives of the project are great ways to learn. The opportunity for listening to the conversations of project directors and project leads at macro-level project perspective helps to get better at meeting minutes. This helps to get and the experience and to understand more insights and directions of the project toward success that makes the meeting minutes more detailed, specific, and concise and significantly better.

Experienced people should perform meeting minutes to get all the necessary information according to the project with all the details discussed within the meetings.


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