Why a Treatment Centre Should Join the Oncology Data Network (ODN)

Industries can contribute important data by joining the oncology data Network that will allows them to understand the trends and cancer treatment. They can use that data to maps on to potential benefits and for using guidelines. This is a collaboration that brings companies to work together and succeed by bringing centers and high quality data together. This data will be beneficial to generate strength of numbers and statistical certainty to understand what's going on.

Treatment centers should participate at the European level to gain the knowledge of what is being done in routine clinical setting in their practice. They can also understand the practices of others institution and can compare those across Europe at the institutional levels.

It's a concerted large effort to bring major European cancer centers together to better understand the real world use of delivering chemotherapy.

Enabling abilities:-

This collaboration will enable the treatment centers with abilities as follows:-

  • To see their data being brought into contact with the experience at other centers.
  • They will learn how their data is seen in comparison.
  • They will also get access to new valuable information which will be helpful to direct and structure their services.

Treatment centers can have benefits of joining the oncology data network by working as individual center as a team.  They will gain a lot of data from daily clinical practice.


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