Why Clinical Research Industry Shuts Down After Halloween Holiday

Holidays have always been the cause of industries to shut down around the days of holidays that is also a huge problem in clinical research industry. United States is the hub of the CRO industries where most of the headquarters of CROs are situated. Most of the patients for the clinical trials are enrolled in United States CRO industries where studies are carries out on large scales.

Halloween provides holidays to all the United States that shut all the CRO industries in USA and linked industries around the globe. Everything related to CRO industry shut downs after Halloween. This causes some issues as follows:

  1. People who want to start their career in CRO industry can’t find job.
  2. Patient enrollment gets very rare in holidays.
  3. It becomes very difficult for someone to get their study off the ground.
  • It takes months up to January to February for things to get back to their routine.

The major reasons of CRO industry to shut down after Halloween are as follows:

USA holidays:

After Halloween, USA has two major holidays of Christmas and thanksgiving. New Year is the third if it counts among them. All the industries, research sites, clinics and hospitals give off to all of their employees on these major holidays and everything remain shut down.

After these holidays, all the industries get back to their routine and all their works, studies, trials, patient recruitment and employee recruitment begin.

PTO usage:

At the end of the year, people are busy in utilizing their PTOs according their company’s policies instead of wasting their holidays. In those days recruiters, hiring managers take off of their duties and extend their PTOs by managing them with thanksgiving up to Christmas and go on a longer trip.

Budgets are closing:

At the end of the year, studies are closing and budgets are down and there will be new budgets for the upcoming year. That’s why people do not spend money at the end of the year. Closing budgets at the end of the year slow down the studies and clinical industry due to which most of CRO industries remain shut down.



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