Why Do We Stay At Our Jobs? - Clinical Research Industry

There are certain reasons of people staying at their job, as follow:

The people:

This is the most common reason in companies as their employees stay at their jobs because of their colleagues and people in their surroundings with whom they like to work with. People start at the company from the bottom position and stay there because they are well versed about their company’s environment and they don’t need to prove their work ethics and capabilities.

At a new company with new job description, people have to prove their skills, capabilities and work ethics in order to develop their reputation within the company. To avoid these, people stay at the same company.

The work:

People stay at their job because they love it, love the workflow and stay passionate about their job, they love coming to the work and interacting with their friends and colleagues.

They stay in the company because it’s difficult to start in a new company with new environment and job description that can be pretty hard and beyond the desire.


As the ranks of the people in a company ascend and they are making more money, their expenses also increase as their pay increase. They have a lot of new responsibilities as their families, study of their children and other household expenses. In order to cover all those expenses, they have to stay in the company without taking any risk because it can take months to get a new job without knowing the salary package.


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