Why I Love the Weekly Time Card in Clinical Trials

Being an employee at any CRO and working for the sponsor, you have to submit monthly time card that involves information for what happened in the last week, about clinical operations, project management meetings and study start-ups. Everything related to study has its time code whether it is monitoring that is to be mentioned in weekly time card. This help to allocate the number of hours invested on that study in the last week that goes into the budget. This helps the CRO to estimate the time taken for specific tasks to complete in the week.


The purpose of these time cards is to charge the sponsor and to aware them about the time taken for that study and how much money the CRO can make for the sponsor from those tests in a week. All that expense comes out from the sponsor’s budget.

Project managers love:

Project manager love to monitor these studies and tasks because when spending time on a study, sponsors make queries about the time adjustment for that task and this can help him to switch to other study where he can perform more efficiently and can relax.

Hourly or salaried employee:

People work on both monthly salary and hourly payment and they are paid accordingly. Salaried employees are paid for fixed amount of money whether they do a lot more extra work as eighty hours over forty hours but a contract CRA who is working on hourly basis is paid for the number of hours he work for the CRO and more he spend time on the study more will be his payment and all of the spent time is mentioned in the time card.


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