Why I Sometimes Make Videos on Simple Topics

There are reasons to define some simple topics as given below:


•     Simple topics help to differentiate between clinical industry and other industries in term of their work and regulations.

•     There are people who are not familiar with many terms whether these terms are simple or not.

•     Many people have not even heard about the clinical industry.

•     There are people who are in industry for some months and want to clear their thought about some criteria.

•     Simple topics make it easier learn how to get into the industry especially for those who are trying to get their foot in the clinical industry.

•     Simple topics help people to learn some skills that can help them in their interviews.

•     It help to understand that how to deal with different people, CROs and sponsor at site.

•     It helps to learn different regulations, ICH-GCP and MHRA while working at site with different subjects.




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