Why Is It So Hard To Be A Clinical Research Associate?

In clinical research industry, clinical research associate (CRA) is known to be the most glorious role with huge perks, flexibilities and money. This position also stays in high demands but it’s also very difficult to get the CRA position and to maintain all the responsibilities associated with this role. It requires experience, skills, knowledge and capabilities to become a CRA that makes it very difficult for the people to become CRA especially for those who are new to the CRO industry.

Different times:-

There are times in CRO space when the companies itself push their suitable employees such as CTAs, CMAs and study coordinators, for the CRA position after having one year of experience and it can be completely different at some moment when a person with enough experience is unable to get the CRA position.

CRO market:-

This depends upon the market and need of the industry. The efficient reminder to low market for CRO industry is that when the recruiters stop posting for new job opportunities and stop reaching out to people for jobs. This CRO industry also has its season for job opportunities which also depend upon the specific months of the year and days around holidays also matters.   

Difficulty in becoming CRA:-

CRA should be properly trained for the research studies and for that very purpose, industries run training programs for the CRAs having specific requirement to apply for the program that varies from every time as their requirement can be study coordinators with entry level position and sometimes with two years of experience.

This makes it very difficult and annoying for the people with different paths to become CRA.


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