Why It Is Hard To Break Into Clinical Research

· Confusing posts by the recruiter make it difficult to get your foot in the industry of clinical research, as vacancies for entry-level jobs but with experience of two or three years is a confusing term.

· Trying to get into the field without any experience just because a lot of positions are available. This is also one of the major misconceptions.

· It will never work if you are applying for higher positions without any experience. You should start from the bottom.

· People are not aware and consistent of the new updates made by the recruiters or by the company.

· Being lazy and not applying in the first place will also not help to get a job because who comes first will be served first.

· Resumes are not proper and are not eye catching. Important information should be highlighted and mentioned in the first place so the recruiter can see all the necessary information required for that position, at first glance.

· Not mentioning any clinical research industry related terms, keywords and protocols in resume.

· Applying for the positions or for CROs that are far from your location and not to apply for positions available in sites near your location.


Wrong timing to apply. You should apply in right time in first months of the year when new vacancies come. Applying in the last months of the year will not help to get a job because recruiters and the companies are busy in their own personal and inside matters.


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