Why join the Business Development / Go to Market Team at IQVIA?

At IQVIA, go-to-market team is a critical component of the organization that works actually as the face of IQVIA to the customers. Their job is to understand the needs of the customers and then bring that information back to the company where they can ensure that if they are providing the right services and solutions to meet the requirements of the clients. This is an integral and fascinating part of the company.


The go-to-market team has an offering capability that is unique in advance healthcare industry as IQVIA has the largest set of proprietary information assets in the world including the records of half a billion patients. It holds unparalleled technology, strong analytics functions and many healthcare professionals. It has unparalleled therapeutic knowledge and they deal with their customers with great technology, analytic capabilities and the science behind them.

IQVIA differs:-

IQVIA has over two and half thousands of employees in go-to-market segment out of the population of fifty six thousand people and count it as its competitive advantage because it makes IQVIA the largest provider of life sciences and they make sales globally around the world in different countries. This globalization of the industries makes them differ from other industries.

Go-to-market team:-

Go-to-market teams are very competitive and have strong ethics in order to understand the capabilities that they are selling to their clients. They are required to work efficiently as a team.

Career in Go-to-market:-

Go-to-market offers incredible career development opportunities and the company offers various options where they employee can choose to go with commercials, real world evidence and technology, consultants, they can also move across life sciences, healthcare businesses and consumer businesses. They have opportunities to go abroad in future career for a business trip or business meetings.

Go-to-market team never have boring days in industry because they have always different tasks to perform as this industry is all about changes and they serve changes a lot that makes it very interesting to work with go-to-market.


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