Why join the Collaboration for Oncology Data in Europe (CODE) team at IQVIA?

People find their career route into IQVIA as very diverse. They can have different educational background and working experience of other companies. They can still find their way into IQVIA as a healthcare professional.  



CODE stands for the collaboration for oncology data in Europe. It's grown from an idea that there's a real unmet need in understanding how anti-cancer medicines are used in clinical practice.  The professionals who are leading the project of CODE are aiming within this initiative to close this knowledge gap. This will benefit cancer patients and to get access to anti-cancer medicines.


Human data science:-

Human data science is quite motivational and is unique in the marketplace. From a human standpoint, it is about patience and benefiting patients through the healthcare system. Its data side is very unique to IQVIA and for one of their poor areas of expertise. Its dataset is something that they uniquely bring to the healthcare system.

From a science standpoint, science is about growing and delivering benefits to society. There are a lot of scientists within IQVIA as well but that is for human data science.


Working environment:-

In CODE team, everyone comes from an interesting diverse background and have separate domain knowledge expertise. All the knowledge and expertise within the team, they utilize it for a purpose of working together to generate more data and to deliver the initiative of CODE.


Pleasant opportunity:-

Working for the CODE provides a great opportunity to be part of something that's transformational in the healthcare system. Professionals participating in this initiative can benefit oncology patients. IQVIA is a great place to participate in such initiatives because of the expertise from a data technology and healthcare standpoint.


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