Why the Unlimited Vacation Policy Sucks

Different companies have applied unlimited vacation policy for their employees in different sectors, in order to make them completely free from any stress. It allows employees to get days off as many as they want.

There should be limited number of vacations for a week or two and at specific times when there are no project. According to records, companies with unlimited vacations are not working well. In this unlimited vacation scheme, companies have tried to eliminate all the hard and fast rules of how to get vacations, when and why. In this policy, employees don’t have any ideas of how many days they should take off. Companies with good reputation want their employees to perform in every condition with passion and should focus on their work rather than focusing and giving time to their personal health.

This unlimited vacation policy does not define that how many vacations are allowed and under what conditions. This completely influence the jobs of the employees as they do not contribute in their work and are always missing in different projects by taking so many unscheduled vacations and can lose their job.

Companies are trying to give as comfortable environment to their employees as possible because they want their employees to perform better every time. So, by the help of these vacations, employees can recover their health and can solve their personnel matters but without any number or limitations of days off, is not rewarding the companies as they desired of.



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