Work Life Integration Coming to Clinical Research?

Work-life balance and work-life integration are to different terms. Work-life balance is about creating a balance between the work and domestic life of a person where they can do anything after completing of their work. Work-life integration is the combination of all the areas that define work and social life.


Work and life are so much merged with the integration of technologies in the daily life as people have their work phone that keep them connected to their company and work that completely disturbs their work-life balance where they were able to left their work at office when they are done and then they are free to enjoy anything they want. There are also cons for work-life balance as people stay professional only for their working hours.

Social media:

People are using LinkedIn, YouTube and other social media networks for their personal branding through mentioning their skills and experience they have and this personal branding is for twenty four hours. This is possible through integration of social media in work-life where they stay connected to their society and work for many hours.

Work-life integration in CRO:

In clinical research industry, CRAs are travelling to different sites for monitoring and for source data verification which can be at different areas of the country and they are spending more time than their working hours and they are also able to work from their home. Most benefit of their work-life integrations is that they are getting paid by the company for each of their expenses when they are travelling.



Work-life integration is beneficial because it keep the people connected to their jobs for most of their time and they work more passionately that is good for the company and also or the employees working in that environment.


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