Work Place Email Etiquette for Clinical Researchers

Workplace is the professional environment having its own professional ways of communication. Email is one of the most usual ways of communication that is completely different from instant messaging.

Difference b/w instant messaging and email:-

Instant messaging is for some quick queries from the boss and from team members which do not require long explanation.

Email is utilized for various purposes as for sending charts, pictures and a formal way of communication. It is used to communicate with clients and with boss in more informative manners.

Emailing etiquettes:-

Email can be used to inform managers or project directors about the meeting minutes. This email should have some formal manners as greeting them with good notes and asking them for their permission and guidance about the task. This email should have a level of respect especially when sending them to someone at higher position where they can give response in a simple way. All the subjects, documents and files should be attached in and orderly manner.


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