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Instant messaging is the most popular and casual way of communication and conversation between individuals. It helps to contact someone as quickly as possible to achieve quick conversation. This way of communication was more trending in the past when people had small phones that they could carry anywhere and could contact anyone at any time. It is still in purpose but not in professionalism.

Computers or laptops can also be utilized for instant messaging through social but it’s not reliable to carry especially when they were very big in the past. Mobile phones are used in the present era for instant messaging.

Instant messaging has its own etiquettes especially in workplace. These etiquettes are given as below:-

  1. Start with hello:-

For instant messaging, first step is to send a hello message to the selected contact with his name and then wait for his reply. At workplace people can be busy in their work, attending meetings or having a presentation. This helps to ensure whether the recipient is available for conversation or not. This gives other a space to deal with their things without any disturbance and interruption.

  1. Don’t be too casual and formal:-

Instant message is not an email where it’s required to write the whole sentence in a formal manner. Instant messaging should not be much formal as it’s used for quick response. Message in IM should be short but professionalism should also be kept in mind.

  1. IT is watching:-

IT department has access to all the conversations and text message that people make while connecting their mobile phones to the company’s Wi-Fi network. They should remain conscious about these management controls and should avoid any unnecessary surfing on their mobile phones and computers. Any kind of error, rough and unethical chats can easily be navigated by the IT professio0nals of the company. Company’s monitors can easily find anything done by using their network whether it’s deleted or not.

  1. Using email to follow up:-

It is fine to follow up someone through an email when they don’t respond to IM and vice versa. Both these email and IM can be utilized to accomplish the same goals of exchanging words.

  • These are the few professional workplace etiquettes of using instant messaging which are beneficial for good reputation.

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