Work Place Phone Etiquette - Clinical Trials Industry

Mobile phones are used for various valuable purposes in clinical research industry but especially to communicate with each other. Rules and regulations for using mobile phones are different in every industry and depend upon the company’s culture. While using mobile phones, people should keep in mind some of the important things as follows:-

·        People should go to the conference room or the private and quieter place in order to attend their mobile phones. This will enable them to have some privacy and will also not disturb the colleagues working nearby in the office. This is also a part of culture.

·        In most of the companies people sit very next and close to each other as their desks are very close. This causes a lot of distraction as the person sitting next to them can hear their talks on phone. To avoid this they should find a better and separate place to pick up their phone.

·        Most of the times people use headphones that is good but while listening to calls, they forget that they are talking louder. That is why they should avoid having controversial conversations and usage of foul language on phone at office.

·        Always keep voice reasonable while attending phone calls to avoid any kind of disturbance.

These are some of the important points that can help in both enhancement and destruction of someone’s reputation at workplace. That is why they should be followed at required time and place.


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