Your Fancy Degree Means Nothing in Clinical Research

Fancy degrees like masters, PHDs and all the advanced certifications above bachelors do not mean anything in clinical research. This is because of the fact that clinical research industry is an experience based industry that requires experience to work and perform within the field. That’s why people should focus on getting clinical research related experience in order to get a job in CRO industry instead of getting further fancy degrees especially for becoming CRAs, project managers and CTA. Master degrees are prioritized only for the positions like principle investigators and sub-I.

Sponsors want experience:

Sponsors are the actual authority of the clinical research studies who dictates every single person to work on their study trials and they sign-off a person depending upon their resume because they want experienced people to work on their studies. Experience is something that people cannot achieve by getting their masters and PHD degrees because getting experience and reading books are two completely different things and to make a healthy and progressive career in clinical research industry, people should focus on getting experience in order to earn money and career both at the same time.

Criteria’s are different in industries:

Experience is necessary in every industry and also works as a charm in term of getting both job and promotions but there are industries where people cannot make a six figure salary with just a master’s degree.

Start from bottom:

In CRO industry, people who want to become CRAs and project managers with no experience should start from the bottom from entry level and assistant level positions to get that required experience regardless of having masters, PHD or a bachelor’s degree.


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