Patient Notification Service

Patients are our greatest concerns and we make sure that we are not behind in providing the best services to them. We take it upon ourselves to ensure that the client has a healthy experience while visiting our website.

We realize that it is not applicable for everyone to take out time from their hectic routines daily. This can become a reason for people to not check out the website for latest updates and progressions. It would be a waste of opportunity for both the volunteer and the clinical team if a person misses out news about the starting of a trial.

Our patient notification services are an active and reliable way to inform patients and volunteers about the latest clinical trials that are going to take place in the near future. To make it comfortable for the client, the email services are used for notification purposes. As soon as the new trial starts, an email is generated and sent to the all the registered members who volunteered to sign-up for the cause.

A detailed form is available for the clients to fill up when they visit our website. Emails and notifications are then sent to these customers on the basis of the trial requirements.

As much as we look forward for people from all age groups, it is necessary for you to be of age. Only if you are over 18 years of age would you be eligible for volunteering in our research studies. Furthermore, we arrange trials for people from around the world. It is possible for our clients to be from any country in the world. If they want, they can participate in our initiatives.

We recommend you sign up for these medical tests so that you can be play your part in taking the medical field one step ahead.