Privacy Policy

This privacy policy states the handling and usage of your personal information that you will be required to share with this platform.

The access to requires your agreement to the terms and conditions laid out by us for our website. This includes your consent to, and authorization of collection, storage, and disclosure of data in accordance with the Health Information Portability and Accountability Act (29 us code 1181 et seq.) of the US Law

Collection and use of your personal data provides a community based informative and interactive environment for its users. Each user experience will be designed keeping the usage and need of the user in consideration, thus producing a customized experience and trajectory for each of the users. Failure to provide the requested data may result in us limiting your reach, access, and participation using different means.

In order to provide a better and more personalized user experience, may require data that may include, full name, mailing address, email addresses, contact numbers, date of birth, gender, bank account details, credit card information, social security numbers, pictures, health status, and history.

However, this data will only be collected upon the wish of the users and if they explicitly choose to provide us with it in hopes of enhancing the use and improving the efficacy of this platform.


Upon a visit to the website of, your device or computer may store a small file called a cookie. These cookies may be used for a number of purposes by Such as, directing specific content to users based on their interactions, visits on our website and preferences and to improve the services that we intend to provide.

Users must be aware of the fact that disabling cookies from the web browser will affect your internet experience for all other websites as well, not just Disabling cookies will also result in hampering the effectiveness of and may inhibit users from reaching the maximum potential of this platform.

Personally identifiable information (PII)

The personal information or data that you may send us to fully utilize the services will be secured and will be safeguarded. However, as with any other platform on the internet, we do not claim to be fully impregnable. The data may be shared with the third party

The access to personal data through the user end will be safeguarded through a password. The users are entirely responsible for the security of passwords, passwords will be set by the users.

Third parties is likely to have links to third-party sources including our honorable third party service providers such as advertisers and payment gateways. It is of utmost importance that the third party affiliate and service providers regulate under a separate set of rules and privacy policies. If you choose to take an action through our platform using a third-party service such as making a monetary transaction and are required to provide sensitive information regarding banking details, it is strictly advised to review the privacy policies of the third party affiliate. is not responsible and will not be held liable for the privacy policy and or usage and management of your personal details and information that will be shared on the request of a third party affiliate or service provider.

Marketing reserves the right to market itself through email marketing. Users may receive marketing and promotional content including carriage regarding our new offers, discounts, opportunities, packages, and affiliate marketing content.

The ability to disengage from this content will be there for all the users. They can choose to unsubscribe whenever they feel the need to.

Administrative Letters and Communicative material

Users will be receiving the administrative and account related communicative material from from which users will not be able to opt out of. envisions to have a strong and effective bond with its users which requires back and forth communications, conversations and announcements, and reminders. To cease all the communication, the user may have to delete the account from the website.

Access to personal information for users will allow its users to alter, add, delete, information regarding at all times.

We also need to make sure that information being accessed from user end isn’t being accessed with malicious intentions, so any material that you delete or remove, will not be deleted from our active servers and will stay there for a reasonable amount of time as residual copies.

We also will not hold any information or halt any pending or ongoing process which may result in a delay for the users and create inconvenience unless we are legally required to do so by the federal law enforcement authorities.

Concerns! may, from time to time, modify these settings of rules and privacy policies. The process of assessing ourselves will continue in the future. If you have any concerns regarding the privacy policy or have any suggestions, contact us through email and we will surely look into it.